Simple facts.

Since 2006, I have been coding, drawing and learning.

my name is Emre.

I'm currently a Lead of Team at Saran Holding.

Work, work, work!
More things to accomplish,

I know I have to work harder.

I spend part of my day on blogs to learn new things. It is a passion for me to capture current technologies and try them out.


What can I do?

Web Development

It doesn't matter. I can improve the frontend and backend of any website. For this, React, Angular, Vue, Ember, Node, Php, ASP.NET, Django does not matter at all.

Mobile Development

It does not matter. Whether Native (Objective C, Swift, Java) or crossplatform framework. React Native, Flutter or anyone. This is not important. Know what you want, just give the designs as a Sketch file :)

Desktop App

You can be free about it. For this I have C # and Python. There is no limit to the solutions as long as you know what you want.

Watch & Smart TV App

You're surprised how a person can do it all, right? Do not be surprised. Let your design be good, leave the rest to me.